TikTokers are losing it over this baby's technique for learning how to crawl

2022-07-09 13:16:37 By : Ms. SemsoTai ShenZhen

This parent on TikTok shared a video of their baby’s hilarious method for learning how to crawl, and it’s cuteness overload! 

TikToker Hanna Wilson (@hanna.wilson45) is a parent and educator who posts clips of daily life as a wife, and mom to a toddler and 7-month-old. Recently, Wilson shared a video from when her firstborn was learning how to crawl, and viewers are gushing over his hysterical technique and adorable tenacity. 

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The clip opens with a shot of an adorable, chubby baby sitting surrounded by toys on his play mat and shimmying his legs from side to side. 

“Come on, Ivan,” Wilson says off-camera, to which the baby responds by looking up at his mom and letting out an excited squawk. 

As the baby wiggles his legs, making his way across the play mat, screeching laughter can be heard from off-camera. 

With determination and a smile, the baby tries to scoot forward using both his hands and legs. His hilarious gyrating movements resemble those of a hermit crab, inciting more laughter from the adults in the room. 

Seemingly aware of his comedic sensibilities, the baby looks up, wide-eyed and smiling, before releasing another gleeful cackle. 

The video ends with the baby continuing to screech and shuffle joyously across the room until he reaches his final destination—someone’s pajamas.

Wilson’s video had hearts melting all over TikTok, and many parents were surprised to learn that their kids weren’t the only ones who learned how to crawl this way.

“My oldest did this. I’ve always been curious if other wee ones got around this way, too, lol,” one parent shared. 

“Nothing was stopping him from getting a mouth full of pajamas,” joked one TikToker.

“The seagull laugh in the back is SENDING me,” another viewer mentioned. 

As Wilson’s video shows, babies definitely have a unique way of doing things! 

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